The Selling Process in 5 Simple Steps

1. Meet and Hire Your Realtor

Just like any adventure, you probably have a lot that you’d like to accomplish during this process. Be prepared to talk about your wants vs. needs and your goals. Ask about:

  • comparable sales in the neighborhood
  • costs associated with selling
  • share your expectation of profit

2. Prepare Your Home for Showings

In addition to securing your valuables and de-cluttering, share with your realtor which times or days are best for showings. Things to think about:

  • How involved you would like to be in the showing process?
  • Would you prefer e-mails or phone calls from the scheduling office?
  • Or would you rather have your Realtor contact you?

3. On The Market

Now that your listing is marketed, (on the MLS,, Zillow, and as many web sites as you and your realtor decide is fit) showings are set up by Licensed Agents. It is best to be as flexible as you can and accommodate for all requested showings. Open Houses can be an effective tool to market as well.

4. Viewing and Accepting an Offer

Your Realtor will present all offers to you, in person, via phone or e-mail, or at your choosing. When you have an offer that meets your requirements, you sign. If you want to ask more from the buyer: be it a different closing time, or another detail, you will counter the offer. When both parties sign, you are Under Contract.

5. Follow the Contract to Closing

Your Realtor will guide you though the purchase, always prioritizing your best interest and making sure you are informed every step of the way.

  • inspections
  • title work
  • survey
  • appraisal
  • closing