The Best Places to Get Soup in Denver

During the winter months, there are times when you crave a warm bowl of soup! That leaves us all asking the question, “where to get soup in Denver, Colorado?” Here are 12 suggestions to get you started.

Where To Get Soup in Denver, Colorado


DA Kind Soup

Where to Get Soup in Denver

Your favorite neighborhood Soup Shop for a decade, with soups still created daily in our kitchen by our Chef; All of Chef Dustin’s different soups are available fresh and exclusively TO GO in our FDA Approved proprietary SOUP BAGS. If you’re one of few who has yet to discover the souperb convenience of boiling our soup in the BPA-free, Food Grade Boil Bags, we’re confident you’ll find it’s your new favorite way to “Do Da Kind.”

*Da Kind Soups is no longer a restaurant. We do not provide hot menu service; nor do we have tables available for dine-in eating. We have our soups available for purchase and reheat at home.


Where to Get Soup in Denver

Zoup! Offers hundreds of award-winning soups with 12 always-rotating daily varieties, including soups that are low-fat, vegetarian, dairy-free, spicy and made with gluten-free ingredients – each served with a hunk of freshly baked bread. Our menu also features a distinctive array of made-to-order salads and sandwiches. Customer top picks include Chicken Potpie, Lobster Bisque, and Vegetarian Split Pea, but you can find your favorite by sampling our soups before you order. In fact, they encourage it!

Croc Soup Company

Where to Get Soup in Denver

Croc Soup Company opened it’s doors in 2011 and have been serving freshly made soups from scratch, along with salads and premium sandwiches ever since. Our menu changes seasonally to bring you the freshest ingredients for our soups and salads along with a couple of cold soup, like Gazpacho during the warmer months. It’s our love for food and flavors from around the world that helps create our menu. Try our new online ordering feature to get your food faster! So stop in the next time you are in the area, and I’m sure they’ll have something for the entire family!


Pho 95

Where to Get Soup in Denver

Pho 95 Noodle House specializes in traditional Vietnamese food. The award-winning food and Pho soup are sure to satisfy all of the Pho-antics and first-timers alike. Pho 95 is dedicated to serving the best Vietnamese food in the Denver-Metro area! Stop by one of our two different locations, Denver or Littleton, and decide for yourself.

3 Sisters Café & Catering

Where to Get Soup in Denver

Their soups are made from scratch daily, and the staff of four make your salads, sandwiches, and wraps as you order. We’re a small operation with a commitment to delicious food made with real ingredients and a lot of love. Simply put, they want to provide the best dining experience and make your break from the office enjoyable!

Duck Soup

Where to Get Soup in Denver

At Duck Soup, they pride themselves on fresh and local ingredients, authentic people, and delicious food. They may be simple — 5 salads, five fresh sandwiches, five grilled sandwiches, five wraps and a board of a dozen homemade soups daily — but they are delicious! Located in the heart of downtown on the 16th Street Mall, they are a perfect place for both quick and leisurely dinners.

Vert Kitchen

Where to Get Soup in Denver

Vert Kitchen is about real cooking and healthy eating. The chefs are inspired by old world flavors, slow foods philosophy, and the passion and techniques of French cuisine. Everything is proudly handmade in-house using 100% organic produce, all-natural, sustainable meats and dairy, plus the most excellent pantry goods in Denver.

 The Bagel Deli

Where to Get Soup in Denver

The Bagel Deli is one of Denver’s longest standing restaurants. The amazing food is a big part of the reason, but the “personality” of the restaurant is worth experiencing. Come in and meet the Bagel Deli boss, chef, and dishwasher and see why they were featured on Food Networks Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives!


Where to Get Soup in Denver

Parsley opened in March 2008 with organic vegetable juice, salad, soups from scratch, and sandwiches—including the Cherokee with roasted turkey and roasted green chile. They began with only three tables and six chairs and had grown into a thriving place to get fantastic food!

 Saigon Bowl

Where to Get Soup in Denver

With over 20 years of experience in cooking Vietnamese food, Saigon Bowl has built a reputation as one of the best Denver’s Vietnamese restaurants. They offer a wide selection of Pho, rice noodle bowl, rice plate, fresh seafood as well as vegetarian dishes and more. If you are looking for an ideal destination for a nearly infinite variety possible in the simple combination of sweet, sour, salty and spicy that makes Vietnamese cuisine well-known, Saigon Bowl will be your best choice.

Sera’s Ramen Enclave

Where to Get Soup in Denver

The family-run spot featuring noodle soups & Pan-Asian plates in comfortable surrounds with a back patio. Ian Burks says, “Great Ramen spot in Denver. Everything about it screams Japanese from the ally entrance to the small dining area. It is some of the best Ramen I’ve had outside Japan. Delicious broths and friendly staff. Usually a short to no wait and super consistent. Glad these guys are doing it right.”

Panera Bread

Where to Get Soup in Denver

Whether you’re looking for today’s menu or planning for a future visit, one thing’s for sure: the soups are always delicious. They believe that good food, the food you can feel right about, can bring out the best in all of us. Food served in a warm, welcoming environment, by people who care. To them, that’s good eating and that’s why we’re here.