Prepare Your House for Winter; Snow and Cold!

Like it or Love it Colorado, winter and snow is on it’s way!

Here is a short list of tips to help you and your home have a great winter

1. Cooling and Heating Systems

  • A/C unit:  Clean away leaves, dust and debris and cover it to protect it from snow and ice.
  • Swamp Cooler:  Drain it, turn of water to it, clean and cover it as well.
  • Test and Clean your furnace, or have it checked by a qualified HVAC technician.  Turn it up to 80 and make sure it is running,  Change the filter.  I like to buy an extra, just so I have it on hand.  Test Smoke and CO2 detectors and batteries to confirm they are working.
  • Fireplace, test it and clean chimney, if needed.  Critters like to hide in here!  Make sure chimney cap is still on.  If you have concerns call a chimney sweep and repair professional.

2.  Outside The House 

  • Remove Hoses from hose bib, drain and cover.   Sprinkler system: Turn off water supply, open all zones and blow out lines, open valves and drain line from vacuum breaker.  Or call a professional, it’s typically less then $100 and they check the system before they shut it off.
  • Prevent roof issues.  Remove debris from gutters and roof.  Debris mixed with snow and ice can cause leaking and roof damage.
  • Patch or caulk minor cracks on walls siding and seal driveway and concrete.
  • Seal Entry points.  Keep the snow out and watch out for critters, they want to come in as it gets cold out!

3. Efficiency

  • Inspect your windows, check for cracks and weather stripping.  Caulk if needed.
  • To help with heat efficiency there are many options and upgrades for your home.  You can install new window, or storm window, check and repair insulation.
  • Switch the ceiling fans to clockwise direction.  Open shades and curtains on the south side during the day will help heat your home.  Then close them at night to retain heat.

4. Yourself and Safety

  • Be prepared for a blizzard!
  • Have your shovel, ice melt and boots ready. In most towns and cities there is a 24 hour ordnance to shove the walk in front of your home.
  • Look for pet friendly salt, your dog will thank you!
  • It is a good idea to know where your flash lights are, snow storms can cause the power to go out.
  • Keep a Scrapper, blanket, flashlight and shovel in your car… just in case!