Homebrewing Fun!

Do Your Brew Day

Homebrewing and making your own beer always sounded hard and confusing to me!  Thanks to some of my beer-loving friends and Do Your Brew staff in Westminster it is now new hobby with great rewards to my family, friends, and clients.

We worked together to homebrew a Spicy Holiday Ale.  The day started by measuring our hops and malt. The aroma of the grains was surprising. We had one that was chocolate! After measuring, it was time to fire up the kettle and start adding the ingredients. The malt extract is gooey and essential to the brewing process.  The malt, hops and yeast warm and simmer in the kettle for about an hour.  During this time we mixed our spices in a sauce pan. Once the mixture from the kettled was fully simmered, called the wort, we mixed our holiday spices in. After being fully mixed, we put it back into the kettle with the wort.  Using the high tech Chill Wizard System and about 10 min later, our brew was in a fermenter and off to cold storage. The staff at Do Your Brew watch over it until it is ready to bottle in 2-3 weeks.


Bottling Fun

Bottling day was a blast! It took us about 2 hours to bottle 10 gallons into (56) 22oz bottles.  We sanitized the bottles and caps to get started.  After a 3 min bottling session and about 10 min of concentrating, we were like Lavern and Shirley – bottling like pros!

If you are looking for a new adventure, love beer, or have friends that love beer, this might just be for you. The experience of homebrewing with Do Your Brew was great and we highly recommend their services! The staff is knowledgeable and helped make this first experience a success.

Next up, I’m trying wine! It takes 10 months before you should drink it, so look for a bottle next Christmas. 🙂

Labeled and ready to drink