Community Service: Family Tree

As a Realtor and part of the community in Golden, Jefferson County, and the wider Denver Metro Area, I am astute the lack of affordable housing and the increasing homeless population.  In my professional community, we talk to builders and legislators to see how we can help bring the price of housing and building under control.  Another facet of this issue is through the grassroots level and Non-Profit sector, Family Tree is one of the oldest and longest running Non-Profits. They help people throughout the Metro Area, they have programs for children and Youth, Domestic Violence and Housing and Family Stabilization Service.

Family Tree in Denver, Colorado

Family Tree

Family Tree is a non-profit that started in Wheatridge over 40 years ago.  Their mission is to help people overcome child abuse, domestic violence, and homelessness to become safe, strong and self-reliant.  This organization has provided an incredible amount of support to people in our community.  Last year they provided services to 26,877 people, in an effort to empower, create lasting change and discover their own strengths.  They also provided over 18,700 nights of safe shelter to families and individuals that did not have a home.

This year I am the West District Chair of DMAR and am excited to give back and learn more about my local communities.  The West District consists of 4 cities, Wheatridge, Lakewood, Golden and Arvada.  As a committee we decided to focus on 1 city for each quarter, for education, fun and community service, giving back!


Right now we are collecting School Supplies for Family Tree.  As the school year ends the list of supplies to be purchased over summer adds to financial stresses for many families.  Family Tree asked us to help relieve that tree and collect supplies to support the families.

In March, we are getting a group of us together for a day of service, we are going to do a makeover at the Parenting Time Program.  We are going to work on the front welcoming room.  As a team, we will add a fresh coat of paint, some new furniture, and some TLC.  We would love help, any donations of tools, supplies, furniture and of course your time would be helpful!