The Home Buying Process in 5 Simple Steps

1. Meet and Hire Your Realtor

Getting ready to buy a home can be exciting and daunting at the same time! A great Realtor will help you talk through your wants vs. needs and any goals you have. Your Realtor is a resource of information, so always ask for their opinion and referrals. For example, your broker will have good working relationships with a few lenders who will provide you a high level of service.

2. Shop for a Mortgage

Meet with your lender, discuss your goals and monthly payment ranges. Your lender will be able to give you advise on what type of loan(s) is available to you and the price range you qualify for.

3. Viewing Homes

Set up time with your Realtor to start looking at homes.  Depending on market conditions this process will very, ask your Realtor for the best strategies.

4. Make an Offer on the Right Home

When you find your desired home, analyze the comparable homes in the area, and find the market price.  Ask your Realtor for resources and their professional opinion. Have your Realtor write up an offer and submitted it to the Listing Agent.  The seller will have 3 choices; Take your offer, write a counteroffer or reject your offer.

5. Follow the Contract to Closing

Your Realtor will guide you though the purchase, prioritizing your best interest and making sure you are informed every step of the way.