About Rebecca

My Mission: To use my expertise and leadership to compassionately guide my clients, friends and family though the process of buying and selling of residential Real Estate; To always have insight that each transaction holds their future and to protect it as if it were my own.

I am a Colorado Native. My family immigrated to Colorado from Sweden in the 1880’s to mine for gold in Central City.  I, like my ancestors, love the mix of mountain and city living that the Metro area has to offer.  The front range offers so many choices for how one wants to live.  One can be cosmopolitan up on the latest trends, music and art, or be in-sync with nature, mountain views and wild life, of course the beauty is you can have the best of both worlds, anything in-between!

Before Real Estate became my passion, I thrived in the restaurant and tourism business.  The connection between the industry is people and customer service.  I take great pride in the service I provide, I focus on listening and manifesting what my clients desire.  Real Estate is a personal business, and that is why I love it.  Purchasing a house is personal, it becomes a home, and supports dreams for the future.  Home ownership affects people on a deep level, from their health, education, security, and general well being.

I take this business very personally and to the heart, that is why this business is my business.

When I help you with your sale or purchase, we become a team, I am here to listen, guide, educate, research, and analyze.  I am honored to help you achieve your dreams.

Home is Where is Heart is